Trust the experience of licensed professionals.

Our experience spans over twenty years of involvement in architecture, construction, forensic analysis and preparation of expert reports. We have performed inspections and assisted with claims evaluation of public and private projects. We’ll help you understand the issues and guide you through decision-making and resolution.


Our knowledge adds value.

Our team members have designed and built projects across various sizes and market sectors. We know what it takes to bring a project to successful completion. We can provide innovative insights for all construction related issues.


Receive an unbiased approach to dispute resolution and construction consulting.

We explain issues clearly and concisely. We aid decision-making and advocacy by thoroughly assessing all variables, delivering objective analysis, and providing practical recommendations.

ARCON CONSULTING is a specialized architecture firm that provides comprehensive construction and forensic consulting services by an expert team of building professionals. Our consulting services involve construction defect claims, assistance with construction litigation matters, personal injury cases related to as-built conditions, building code/ADA compliance review and contract dispute/delay claims.